Why do some cultures consider N. And S. America one continent when it is clearly two?

There is no logical argument. They lie on two separate tectonic plates and are clearly separated geographically. They are more separated than Europe, Africa and Asia and yet these are considered separate continents. Europe Ann's Asia are on one tectonic plate with no demarcation save a low mountain range and yet are considered on continent. So, can you give an answer more substantial than opinion. Some things just are the way they are and arguing it is asinine.

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It's no stranger than the common use of "America" to denote the USA while ignoring other countries in that land mass.
Edit: you *choose* to call the country in which you chance to have been born "America". Those concerned with precise use of language (especially some Canadians, Mexicans and Guatemalans) will continue to refer to the USA.

Which cultures? I have never heard anybody say it. Besides, it's a geographic term, not a cultural term.

If some cultures say that then they know nothing about science and are therefore primitive.

Well, all parts were populated fairly recently (16,000 to 9,000 years ago) by people from eastern Asia, previously the whole of the Americas including the Caribbean were uninhabited by any humans. So that is one very important unifying factor.

And around 500 years ago much of both parts of the continent began to be invaded and conquered (to the extent of genocide in some parts) by Europeans - that is another important unifying factor.

Well , you are the one trying to pick an argument. As far as I am concerned, arguing with you would be a total waste of my time.. WHO is bing asinine NOW?. Good morning! i am going to bed while you are hanging and twisting in your own narcissistic hypocrisies