What part of this earth is that?

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meso sphere

"...Mesosphere (mantle)
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In geology, the mesosphere refers to the mantle in the region under the lithosphere and the asthenosphere, but above the outer core. The upper boundary is defined as the sharp increase in seismic wave velocities and density at a depth of 660 kilometers (410 mi).[1] At a depth of 660 km, ringwoodite (gamma-(Mg,Fe)2SiO4) decomposes into Mg-Si perovskite and magnesiowustite.[1] This reaction marks the boundary between upper mantle and lower mantle. This measurement is estimated from seismic data and high-pressure laboratory experiments...."


This picture may help, but it might confuse.



google images says mesosphere


Transition Zone
"From about 410 kilometers (255 miles) to 660 kilometers (410 miles) beneath Earth’s surface, rocks undergo radical transformations. This is the mantle’s transition zone."

Lower Mantle (yellow)
"The lower mantle extends from about 660 kilometers (410 miles) to about 2,700 kilometers (1,678 miles) beneath Earth’s surface. The lower mantle is hotter and denser than the upper mantle and transition zone."