Weird noise?

Was in hallway doing my makeup then heard a donggg dongggg noise pronounced like donggg and in a lower voice I moved and it went away but then I stopped and it came back louder so I got freaked out and went into my bedroom and can't here it any longer :/ I'm scared it's paranormal activity as I've had it previously

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It's winter, the walls and things inside them contract with the dry air and the heat/cold. Stop freaking out over normal stuff.

Besides, did ANY paranormal activity actually DO anything to you? No.

its the heat or plumbing, no such thing as ghosts

We don't live in a silent world, all manner of thinks make all manner of different sounds, and it's just silly to attribute sounds you don't recognize to paranormal causes. This week I've heard some strange animal sound from behind my house at night that I don't remember hearing before. What should I more reasonably conclude, that there's a different species of toad migrating through my neighborhood, or that I'm being attacked by invisible supernatural beings?
<I'm scared it's paranormal activity as I've had it previously> I doubt that very much. You're an impressionable, superstitious adolescent who's freaking herself out, that's all. There is virtually always a rational real-world explanation for everything we experience without invoking paranormal ones, if we'll only look for them, and even the least plausible natural explanation is exponentially likelier than implausible supernatural ones.

The other day I was in my bedroom combing my wig and and I heard a donggg dongggg noise and I thought to myself, I bet that is my smootchy lover English Guy doing push ups and that sound I can hear is his donger striking the floor. But alas I was wrong, it was my little jam tart alright but he had got his tie stuck in the microwave door and not knowing to push the button was fiercely yanking at it. "Oh Micky " I quipped, "you are such a little yanker."