Beginning tomorrow, Sun 27-11-2016, and until Thursday 01-12-2016, global seismic activity will again increase, with the likelihood of large earthquakes. This prediction is based on the "Earthquakes by Tides" hypothesis, which holds that most earthquakes are a consequence of the gravitational action of the stars (Sun-Moon-Venus), which generate a gravitational flotal capable of accelerating the Astenósphere , Which deforms and breaks the crust. As well, it is responsible for the drift of plate tectonics. This hypothesis is verified by a statistical study since 2004, which related the date of each earthquake + M5.5, with the orbital situation of the Sun, Moon and Venus (5500 earthquakes). With which we have obtained very good results, as we have been announcing since 2013, especially the last ones, corresponding to April / 2016 and the current November / 2016, with a significant increase in seismic occurrence in the whole planet. These alerts were announced in most cases, with a month's notice in the forums of YR (Argentina and USA). Https:// Although this method of anticipation lacks precision as to the location of the epicenter, it is the only tool (so far) capable of alerting populations living in seismic zones, the probability that major earthquakes occur on certain days and so take Precautions.

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That's a hoax theory. It's not happening, is it? No, it's not.

I don't live in an Earthquake area so i'm not worried .

I'm not worried, or concerned.

Well maybe Californians will get their wish to succeed from the USA.