So did Hillary win the Popular Vote in CA and NY by a total of 5 million votes? Does any other 5 states even compare?

No, not even the next 10 states for either candidate. So can CA and NY kiss the Trumpster's derriere?

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Trump is going to be great,

California and New York are powerful due to NYC, LA, and SF. They tend to vote Democrat. But middle America carried the day for Trump.

Trump didn't carry his own state.

I think it would be truly scary to live in a state that didn't vote for the Trumpster. He's a narrow minded, hate filled little man and he will make his enemies pay.

Yea, but most of those were illegals who should be forcefully removed from our country, not having a say in our politics.

I live in NY, and the NY election map was all RED except for NYC and a few spots upstate were blue, so Trump would have won NY if it wasn't for NYC. HilLiary got the most votes from the Bronx (88%), where the highest concentration of poor people live in the entire nation! HilLiary and the Democrats should be very proud that most of her votes came from high crime cities like LA, NYC, and Chicago! The forefathers knew what they were doing with the electoral college! Go Trump!

it does not matter anymore