Why has the democrat party become the home of fascism in the modern world?

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Do your own research, use your own head, and don't believe all of the hate and fear mongering that goes on between political extremist groups.

Democrats are left-wing, not right-wing

Obviously because regressives say so.

Because if you are going to be left wing - i.e. socialist - and if you are not going to support full socialism - i.e. government ownership and control of the means of production a la Lenin's Russian - then the only other outcome possible is fascism.

The economic policy of the fascists was to try to replace capitalism with a better and fairer system implemented by the State. So it's a form of socialism. But unlike the "international socialism" of the Russians in the 1920s, they weren't going to try to achieve this better society by government ownership of agriculture and industry, because by the 1930s, when the fascists arose in Germany and Italy, it had become obvious that full socialism would be a disaster and lead to mass starvation.

But since, like modern Democrats, they refuse to consider freedom as an option, so they fell back to a kind of half-way house, which they called "national socialism". This means that private property and businesses would be permitted to exist. But the government would dictate any and every condition of business that it felt like: wages, prices, supply, quotas, licences, money, credit, race-based policies, motherhood policies, "social" policies, etc. So it's exactly like the modern fascism of the Democrats, and to the extent the Republicans agree, the Republicans too.

Since they are opposed to free trade, they also support protectionism. What they call free trade is actually intensively managed highly particularistic agreements between states about what trade is legal and what is illegal.

That's why the democrat party has become the home of fascism in the modern world. They are opposed to human freedom in their very marrow. What they call "rights" are actually privileges, for example, the "right" of homosexuals to force people to associate with them against their will; in other words, to violate their freedom of association. The "right" of women to kill their own offspring in utero, and be immune from criminal prosecution. The "right" of people to be subjected to compulsory indoctrination.

The left wing is the home real intellectual and moral gobbledegook and gibberish.

uhh they lost bro. get over it.

A push for us to become a socialist utopian nightmare