Are they wasting their time asking for a recount?

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No. Vote padding is illegal. Jill Stein would not go to all the trouble if there was not credible evidence of election tampering.

Yes. Jill Stein has no chance of winning so she's wasting her time. If she's working for Hillary Clinton, then maybe not; although in that case, Clinton should be the one asking for recounts.

What the hell else are they going to do? They don't have lives, they don't have anything to do, other than talk crap on social media sites, their person lost, they can't rub salt into the wounds of Trump supporters, they were really looking forward to that. Their party is bankrupt and crumbling, they are losing seats and political power, they also have no leader.

Yes, 11,000 votes in Michigan is not 500 in Florida during the 2000 election. Even if they could flip Michigan the gap is much larger in too many states, and without the 5 million vote win of CA and NY combined we wouldn't be talking about this at all. So you know Hillary, NY and CA and all the rich and rich corporatists who have lined Hillary's pockets.The Press and Hollywood are behind all the Propaganda of what if's! Even Broadway is using Propaganda as we saw with the play Hamilton. It's a stacked deck of Leftists doing what they do best as they did the day after the 2000 election.

Yes, because even if HilLiary won in those three states, both Trump and her would not have enough electorate votes and then the decision would go to Congress and guess who controls Congress, the GOP, so Trump wins anyway. The liberals always waste the taxpayers money, Trump will put an end to that!

They have the money for the recount, they might as well go through with it, and see if there is anything majorly wrong. If not, then it's just money that has been wasted. Not taxpayers' money though, just donor money.

They're wasting the time of the election officials in the states they asked a recount for.