Do you like Seth Rollins as a face?

I don't hate him. I love Seth Rollins but he was so much better as a heel. I miss the heel Seth. He was too good.

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I miss him too as a heel.He was great as a heel and I can give you like 7 reasons why:

1.Rollins' blond hair
2.Rollins:"Do you realize how stupid you look".That was amazing.Sheamus just kept quiet
3.Rollins brought back The Authority
4.He defeated Roman Reigns at MITB
5.That white attire at Summerslam 2015 was great
6.Rollins report
7.Won the WWE world heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 31

I hope face Rollins becomes as cool as heel Rollins

I like Rollins as both a face and a heel.He is good as a face and as a heel.So I can't really choose what's better.He is also one of my favorite wrestlers.

Remember when Rollins left side of his hair was blond?

I definitely think Rollins played a better heel. I do like Rollins and this face turn is
interesting, however, most superstars play one roll better than the other. Rollins is a
natural born heel.

See him as a in betweener