Remember when Paul Heyman gave a famous shoot about JBL years ago?

It was at ECW One Night Stand in 2005 and Heyman was confronting the WWE roster. He got to JBL and basically told him that his reign at the top only lasted so long because Triple H didn't wanna wrestle on his show. Heyman brought up a good point, as SmackDown didn't have the same kind of talent that Raw did. Having said that, do you think outside of kayfabe, they were considering moving Triple H to SmackDown in 2004 and he decided he wanted to stay on Raw?

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i dont remember

I know wrestling's scripted. I just wondering if they were considering moving Triple H behind the scenes.

I remember it too man

No I don't think they considered to put Triple H in Smackdown besides Triple H is better in Raw.

It was all fake