What is a decent rate for CA car insurance for 2 adults and 2 teenagers with 4 cars 2005 and older?

I know there are more factors involved. Husband 45 clean record I am 43 with a dui in 2010 son is 19 clean record daughter 16 just licensed My son has his own policy but i pay half the time because he is a full time student.

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You will have to ask an insurance company.

A decent rate for one person may be "indecent" for another person.

A "decent" rate for you will be the rate that you find acceptable after you get quotes from insurance companies.......and NOT from Y/A.

The insurance coverage rate would be determined by more factors than you have listed. Quite a few. Specific year make and model of vehicle(s) to insure, coverage type, and the specific area of California in which you reside will all be major factors in determining premium costs.

You've asked this question before, and you were given the information you need. Talk to an insurance provider, dummy.

There's absolutely no way to even guess.

First of all, no one here is an insurance agent. Next, your specific address, the exact makes, models and years of the cars would be crucial. Lots more.

Call some insurance brokers.