Why did the guy say "Alhamdullilah"?

I was in a open day at a bank and there were two Asian guys. I was sitting down and one Asian guy was standing beside me and the other sittting oposite me. My top was lose. My breasts started itching so I put my finger inside my bra, and the guy standing beside me saw everything. The guy sitting opposite me didn't see anything but started saying Alhamdulliah a few times and the guy standing was looking down. Was it really that bad for him to do that ?

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Because he was getting turned on.

He said "thank god" in Arabic


1. if you are not dressing modestly then you and him both got the sin of him looking, because you encouraged it by the way you dressed. Secondly if you could send a mahrim to this bank instead of yourself then you should have done that to avoid the sin of mixing.

2. The guy who didn't see anything was probably doing dhikr. While we're waiting we should always keep our mouth moist with dhikr, I mean you might as well earn reward while you're doing nothing.

wa salam.

Salam.We Muslims should say bismillah when we will start to do certain good deed and we must say alhamdulillah when we finish it.It means we must be thankful to Allah who permitted it.

it means he finds your pancakes satisfactory :3