Why are conservationists so naive to believe we can do anything about CC As if the big polluters or small one will destroy their economies?

Opening this up for all. Basically I'm concerned about CC but understand that if ppl started losing their jobs to save the climate, there'll be riots in the streets. Pollution is here to stay until we become technologically much more advanced

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Pollution is here until we decide to clean it up.

The only difference is that the CO2 being added to our environment is so damn profitable for the fossil fuel industry.

There will be worse than riots when sea level rises 20 feet and the agricultural bread baskets desertify and most animals go extinct. You aren't thinking long term. We could have done something to slow or reverse climate change, 20 years ago. It's too late now. We're f#cked. By we're I mean human beings as a species. The earth itself will survive without us.

CC = Cable Car?

And, how, exactly is abundant new energy sources damaging to the economy?

If they cost more, it is because more people have to be hired to make new energy.

<Pollution is here to stay until we become technologically much more advanced>

Which requires R & D.

What we need to do is stop having babies. There's too many goddam people on this planet, and they all sh!+ and have stupid opinions.

We ARE more advanced.

But the manpower-free green energy systems won't help the unemployment stats.

The fact is that dirty energy creates a tremendous amount of jobs - particularly in the waste management sectors.