Which caused more deaths, Communism or Global Warming? So why are some afraid of GW and not Communism?

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GW is a future


According to the link below:

Mao: 40 million
Stalin: 20 million
Hitler: 12 million

The last was a National Socialist, of course.

The problems seem to start when the leader becomes a dictator who can rule by executive order to get his own way. If we ignore history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Many of the current generation seem to be a sandwich short of a picnic. They are quite happy to support laws against ageism, racism and misogyny but still feel entitled to blame their problems on old white males. When they can joins the dots perhaps we might be able to engage in a discussion with them.

Let's go back to 1944 and ask a similar question: what has caused more deaths, falling off horses or nuclear weapons? Well, as of that time a grand total of zero people had died from nuclear weapons, but many people had died falling off horses, so by your logic is that what people should have feared more?

If I lived in Latvia or Estonia I would probably see communism as a clear and present danger. In the U.S.? Hardly. Here's a little secret that I would guess that 95% of Americans don't know--there is no conventional military threat to the U.S. Think about it, in World War II, the great German war machine couldn't even make it across the English Channel, so just how is someone going to invade the U.S. across the Pacific or Atlantic? (Some joker will no doubt suggest that Canada or Mexico might invade us, but they're probably going to put up fences to keep Americans out of their countries.)

Global warming, though, knows no borders. It can invade every single country of the world and no border wall will keep it out. It has the potential to raise sea level and destroy property, cause droughts, cause the dying off of biomes and the extinction of species. Can communism do of that?

It has been shown that that the monsters in our geological records were only possible because of an earth that was about 10Fahrenheit warmer than our time. The earth got it s abundance from that. With every thinking person knowing the truth, how are they able to continue Taxing Americans almost exclusively on this issue? We need to wake up. CO2 is not a pollutant.