Is lying about the climate the same normal for the right?

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No true scientist would put up with a lie. It is non-productive and has serious consequences. Do you really think the Wright Bros. based their design on the lie? Do you think that Tesla was so successful with AC because he believed in fairy tales? Do you think that Kettering invented the starter off of the movement of a magic wand? No to all of those. True science produces real advancement for humankind. And that is what you are referring to as the 'right'?

You should sit down and take a real serious look at yourself if you believe that true scientists live off of a lie. But look who does live off a lie. Al Gore, the leading spokesman for Global Warming. His movie has been debunked and yet he makes millions off of his fiction. Same way with Bill Nye, he couldn't make it as a true scientist, so he resorts to a lie for his sustenance. What have they done to advance mankind or the Earth? NOTHING!

And does George Soros pay for telling the truth? NO! He only pays for the lie.

Think about it!

What is normal for the left is pretending to understand things their education does not allow them to understand. Liberals love nothing more than lying and pretending to understand things that are far too complex for anyone to understand in 2016 is right up your alley!

According to this survey "the right" can be scientifically literate and their disbelief in the consensus view on climate is a function of how open minded they are. The more open minded they are the more they disbelieve.

That contradicts the view that right-wingers are ideologically predisposed to lie about the climate.

What are you going to believe, your own biased view or those of the scientists who have done the research?