Why do you think some questions get to be so popular?

What do they, wait for a distinct value of answers, then switch sections? I've been scouring through some of the "popular" questions; most of them are doltish, or an inconspicuous attempt at inquiring peoples' morals (and people just want a chance to tell them off, which I know a lot of people on here enjoy). BQ- What kinds of questions do you normally avoid/always answer? BQ2- Do you agree that people are just indolent and only answer simple yes or no questions? BQ3- Or am I ignorant and popular questions are questions that have a super intriguing topic and people just have a sudden urge to answer it right away?

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Questions that are easy to answer QUICKLY and/or are controversial in nature requiring only a user's opinion typically receive lots of answers in a short amount of time. Those questions tend to move onto the 'Trending' list on a category's homepage, and they might stay there for days, gaining more and more answers the longer they appear on that list.

I don't make a point of answering any particular question, or avoiding a question unless it already has so many answers that mine won't likely add anything useful, or the topic does not interest me in the least.

It might be overly simplistic to suggest that users only answer easy yes/no questions, though some surely do, and especially in certain categories. Most (I think) would prefer to answer with more depth and explanation, though longer and more informative answers are not always appreciated, even when correct.

The most popular people here are those on the top answerer list on the right side of this page along with those like me they thumb down because they don't like to hear the truth.

Well judging from the front page, intelligence is mot a requirement.

Favorite color and racism is still at the top.