I want my old email back to grannyme62@yahoo?

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Email addresses cannot be changed. You have to sign up for a new one. Sign out of your account and then create a new email account: https://edit.yahoo.com/registration

That account name may not even be available.

Is any one there? Again/email back to grannyme62@yahoo

How old is "old"?

If you haven't logged into the account for 12 months, then it is no longer active. The emails have been deleted and the address is made available for new users to use.

Sandra, you need to read the answers. You may have accidentally clicked Sign Up instead of Sign In and created a new email address instead of signing in to your regular email address.

I suggest you try signing out and then go here: https://login.yahoo.com and enter your email address and the password for that account.

To learn more about how to sign in and out please read this Yahoo Help article:

Sign in or out of Yahoo