Cant figure out how to view my yahoo questions i need some help?

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Just click or tap on your Yahoo picture icon or your Yahoo ID that is on the Yahoo options on the left just below Notifications. All your questions will show here on your profile activity page. They will be in reverse order with the last question asked showing first. If on a phone may be better to switch to desktop mod for more options

You should just go to yahoo answers homepage and then on the left side on the screen there should be tabs of stuff the 3rd tab down should be your name click it then you should be able to see all your questions.

You DO NOT HAVE to go to Answers Home. Just left click your Avatar OR your Yahoo nickname in the upper left column UNDERNEATH "answers Home' and "Notifications" to open your YA activity profile. Your questions will be3 listed in reverse chronological order ande how many answers the question has if any, but you HAVE to click or tap the question TO OPEN it so you can READ all the answers. Left click or tap the My answers taps to see the list of questions you have answered. Left click or tap the question to open it and then find YOUR answer, because ALL of the answers to that question will be listed, not just YOUR answer. . You can ALSO click or tap "Notifications," but you still have to click or tap TO OPEN the questions so you can see the answers.

IF the left column or the top of the left column is missing , try refreshing the page with the F5 key..

Up in the left top corner near the words "Yahoo Answers" there should be an option to see your notifications. Click on that and you should see them.