I can't see the desktop version button right now?

I am on my phone's Chrome, and I wanna switch to the desktop version, but I can't see that button anymore, and I've seen it before. What can I do?

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I notice it today to on my phone. I really never use it but after people asked about it I looked and they are right it's gone. I tried on a few browser but it just disappeared. There is also no app for it in the Play Store. I don't know if it's a glitch or not. But don't listen to those who say this and that. It's gone and we just have to wait until Yahoo decides to tell us why.

If you go to your Chrome browsers tools menu, the three vertical dots in the upper RIGHT hand corner, where your bookmarks, history, etc. are, you can select "Request Desktop Site" and voila.

Its Either a Glitch or Yahoo has Removed the Option to go to the Desktop site on your Phone either way you wont be able to visit the Desktop site at this time

Yahoo has removed the desktop button on several browsers. The desktop option is "underneath" the Menu icon button in the upper left corner. This happened on some Safari browsers months ago.

Thi is what the Menu icon looks like: