I'M A GHOST!!! HELP?!?!?

So I got some instructions on how to do Astral Projection, surprisingly it worked, it's fun to go through walls and stuff. Eventually I got bored and tried entering my body which was on the bed, I couldn't enter my body!!!! I'm so scared, I want my body back, my ghost is typing this right now and I want to be able to be human again!!!! What do I do?

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I don't think you need any help, you seem to be in a perfect situation, still able to manipulate the physical word but without the burden of a cumbersome body. Rejoice, you are as free as a bird. (or more than a bird actually but lets not get picky)

I think you need to watch Bill Cosby's documentary on out of body experiences, it is called Ghost Dad.


(That works with sneezes).

Did you startle back into corporeality?

And yet you can type on a computer! Go figure.

As they say "Once you go ghost, you'll never go back"

I see you discovered drugs..

Not sure if you're a ghost or not, positive you're not a comedian.