What am I talking to?

I have always been super sensitive to the paranormal, but lately I have been talking to a certain spirit (or at least I think.) I can sorta 'see' him, but I can hear him talk in my head and communicate with him too. I can feel his presence and sometimes I'm able to even touch him. He's very friendly, but I'm not quite sure what Im talking to.

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I wish my imagination was as good as yours Sophia, sometimes I kind of envy people with fantasy prone personalities. It must be nice to be able to touch your pretend friends.

One scenario: you are open to intimacy, and your own personality has constructed a "Caspar the friendly spirit;" this may in turn attract to you "unclean spirits," so suggest you check "Looking into the Invisible" and "The Path of the Higher Self," as cautionary sources of guidance..

Hmm Maybe spirt guide.

By your own words, he's in your head, so. . . you're talking to yourself, and apparently *he* is friendly because you see yourself as friendly.

Possible it is your spirit guide, but if that is the case there would be a lot more information coming.

Either that or it is a construct of your own. If that is the case then there will be no higher guidance and will only reflect what you give it.

<What am I talking to?> You're 'talking' to your own imagination, obviously.