I've used a ouija bored ruffly 16 times and 3/16 times it has worked. does anyone know a way/trick i can contact spirits every time?

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Dude -
without being exact or fully authenticated; approximately:
roughly half the candidates were successful
Now, what would you like? Me to make up some nonsense about how you can contact more spirits or tell you the bitter truth, that the ouija board is just a toy and does not contact diddly-squat (apart from your own imagination). Whoops, it looks like I did just tell you.

You'll never contact spirits, because the only thing you're communicating with when operating 'spirit' boards (please note the spelling) are the subconscious imaginations of whoever has their fingers touching the pointer.
That said, they work better when more than one person is operating it. That's your best bet when it comes to actually moving the planchette. Of course, as Gazoo points out, sometimes a prankster pushes it around intentionally. More often than not, though, it's just the ideomotor effect at work.

Oh sure. You just have to get someone who cheats like I do.

It's whoever was there those three times.

Just up your alcohol/dodgy drug intake by 127.06% and you'll see plenty - for a while.

Since you're spelling is so terrible all your Ouija Board results have to be questioned.