Am I dealing with a spirit or am I over thinking?

So I come home tonight around 1:30 am, I walk in my house everything seems normal. I have these dimmer lights at the bottom of my steps, they were flickering, I tried to not think anything of it so I just continued up to my room. I went to turn on my light & it didn't even turn on, alll I saw was a huge burst of white/blue light, then pitch black. Then I started to freak out. I went in their turned on my tv. Comedy centeral was on & a stand up comedian was taking... ABOUT THE DEVIL & BEING POSSESED. Like I know that was probably just a coincidence but still. Even if it was a power outage I'm just confused because my light has two light bulbs.. seems strange that they'd both go out at once, at the exact same time

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Could've been the circuit breaker, my light in my dinning room just byrnt out on me. Could be that the bulbs went bad at the same time coincidentally or could be the circuts in the light itself shorted out the bulbs. Sometimes the bulbs can burst and that sucks

If you believe that there are spirits in your home NEVER RUN AWAY FROM THEM they will use your fear to control you and make themselves seem powerful all you need to do is say stand your ground say "if you mean me harm get out now" over and over until you feel the room lighten up fear is their greatest weapon determination and courage is ours

Get the wiring checked.

There's utterly nothing paranormal about flaky electronics or electrical devices.

Over thinking no, in fact your underthinking. Silly thinking, may be more accurate.