Cold water feeling boiling hot?

So I just had a strange experience and I don't know if this is common or I'm just going crazy. I was washing my face and I normally finish my splashing cold water on to my face to close pores, anyways; when I put my hands under the tap to collect the water the strangest sensation happened and the cold water felt as if it was boiling hot. Like, just boiled the kettle kind of hot, I tested this on my arm to see if it is actually hot and that the plumbing is screwed but it was cold. I don't know, it's pretty stupid of me to ask but I'm so confused and concerned.

4 Answer(s)

Your brain made a mistake and jumped to the wrong solution. Very hot water can feel the same as very cold water - so you get an instinct to take your hand out if you even think it is too hot.

Really cold water and really hot water give you the same sensation. Pain.

A demon had hold of the faucet at that moment. That is all really. No worry.

Yes, sometimes the brain misinterprets signals. I forget the term, but there's certainly nothing paranormal about it.