There was a ghostly figure that appeared to look like a sheet/robe. Completely white and moving very quickly, and vanished next to me?

While I was walking: What did I see?

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Idk it could have been a ghost or maybe just the illusion and it just looked that way

Had the same problem myself, I was having a look around the widow next door's garden ( I erm accidentally threw my football over her fence if you must know) when suddenly I saw a ghost right there in the garden! It looked just like a sheet and it swayed gently in the breeze, but the most amazing thing was is that there was a small white baby ghost, hanging right there next to it! I was fascinated by the flimsy little apparition and gently reached out my hand to touch it.
Suddenly a horrid strident voice shattered my reverie "Micky you perverted bastard, how many times have I told you, keep your filthy old paws off my knickers!"

moon light reflecting of an exterior object in motion

It was just a Klan member out Klanin. Nothing paranormal.