Why does the smell of chocolate cake make me feel SO SICK for hours when no other food smell does. and i like chocolate cake usually. HELP.?

So i love food, love cake, love chocolate. but for some reason my housemate makes this chocolate mug cake and the smell of it affects me to an extreme.. it makes me so so nauseous, for hours. if i stay in the room for too long i start gagging. I dont know why its only the smell of this particular food. any scientific/psychological reason as to why this is. im curious. its so bizzare to me, because ive never had this issue before.

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I think in this case it is the particular recipe that your room mate is using.
There are other recipes for Mug Cakes you might want to ask if she could try another

If it's just the cake of your housemate maybe he/she is doing something wrong but he is used to it so it doesnt bother him/her. If that happens always with any kind of chocolate or cakes with chocolate maybe the smell is just too strong for your organism (but it doesn't affect your eating )

You could be allergic to chocolate. You can actually crave something you're allergic to more than normal, have you ever craved chocolate?

Maybe he's burning the chocolate