I m looking for a recipe to make my own homemade Cake Mate Scribblers.?

It s too expensive to buy cake mate scribblers and somewhat of a waste because I only need two colours. If you know of a way to make them myself without milk, as I cannot have any dairy in them, I would greatly appreciate it. Am I correct in assuming that they re essentially royal icing? It s to be used to decorate sugar cookies.

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yes, you can mix the powder sugar with either egg white or with water to make the icing for what you want to do. You can buy a set of tips and a pastry tube or you can cut a little hole in a sandwich bag and drop in a tip then the icing. Or if you make the hole in the sandwich bag small enough you don't even need a piping tip!! When I need just a little bit to write on cookies, I use just a sandwich bag with maybe 1/8 inch cut on a corner!! NO mess as it is just tossed in the trash when empty!!

No, it is not royal icing.

Use this recipe, but substitute water for the milk.
Add the water bit by bit, so you get the consistency you want. You will want the icing to be thicker if you are going to pipe it. Thinner if you are using it as a background, spreading it on with a tableknife or icing spatula.
I love the subtlety of the almond extract, but you could use vanilla extract just as easily..


You can use powdered sugar a little water or juice and food coloring.

If you're going to decorate sugar cookies, yes, you essentially need royal icing. Royal doesn't have any milk in it. It's basically egg whites, sugar, and some sort of flavoring (or not) and food coloring.