Tell me exactly how society disadvantages WOMEN rather than MEN?

We all know how men get punished for rape they didn't commit, get higher sentences in general, not get admitted into universities, not get alimony, not get child support and all other sorts of injustices. On the flip side what injustices does women face if any?

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You seem terribly disadvantaged in many ways.

Very very very very few men get convicted for a rape they did not commit - likely .00001% - if that - but MOST rape victims do NOT get justice - MOST! yet you ignore the facts and you make this a male issue when it's really women who suffer most - way way way more - both from being raped and then from no hope of justice. More than 50% of REAL rape victims don't even bother reporting - they know the system is terribly biased against rape victims and they have no good chance of getting justice and they will be treated like dirt - so why bother? It's really an issue of unfairness towards rape victims but you think this is an issue about men because of your pro-male anti-female bias likely.

1. Women suffer more sexual abuse and rape and very few get any justice for the crimes against them (Note in prison where, although the percentage of female prisoners being raped is higher, there are more men, so more men get raped more in terms of numbers in the USA and suffer from the same lack of justice.)
2. Women are objectified in the media for profit and with on-line pornography this is happening probably more than ever – pushing both men and women to think of women often as sexual objects, sluts or as body parts more than real whole valuable people with worth beyond beauty.
3. Women are targeted more by people posting nudes of them or pornography (revenge porn) without their permission to bully them, destroy their careers and push them to suicide.
4. Only women suffer from slut shaming.
5. Women suffer more victim blaming for rape but even for talking about any discrimination they receive.
6. Women suffer more from human trafficking (more are women). At the moment there is more slavery than at any time in history and it's mostly sex slavery.
7. Women are murdered by husbands in far too high numbers (3 times more women are killed by their spouses than men) and have been the target of murder mass killings just for being women.
8. More women live in poverty and the worst most desperate poverty in every single country in the world without exception.
9. Women earn less.
10. Women do the lion's share of unpaid work in our society with little respect or recognition for it.
11. Mothers pay a huge price for having children - usually 7 to 9% of her lifetime income while fathers suffer little to no income reduction and this affects their pensions and retirement income.
12. Mothers suffer discrimination from employers but fathers don't.
13. Women suffer discrimination when they try to negotiate wages or just for being assertive in a management position.
14. Women suffer workplace discrimination especially in non-traditional jobs (where I live most women who try to have a job in the construction field leave this trade in 5 years because of the prejudice they faced).
15. Women are still being restricted in many areas by artificial barriers or attitudes, such as religious institutions and if they another race or are homosexual and suffer from other discrimination, this adds to the bigotry they must face.
16. Women's sports is not funded or promoted as much as men's in high school, college or on the pro circuit.
17. Many things like cars and medicines have not properly been tested on women (especially pregnant women) and cause them harm. (Most drugs that have been taken off the market have been because of extreme adverse reactions primarily in women because of a lack of testing.)
18. Women are underrepresented in politics and business and decision making generally.

You are absolutely right, Ya Coffee, many women are discrimminated against. Your list appears to be well-justified. But, there is even a longer list showing how ordinary men are discrimminated against in society. The truth is that many decent men and women are victims in society and need help, not marginalization. We have to help all human beings.

"Tell me exactly how society disadvantages WOMEN rather than MEN"

Society does not disadvantage women. All adult women in the first world are fully emancipated, legally autonomous individuals with all the same legal Rights and opportunities as every other citizen ....including MEN!

While women have this legal and systemic equality to men, it is men that lack some Rights and are legally obligated to more Responsibilites than women are as evidenced by the Selective Service, Affirmative Action, the myriad taxpayer funded "women's only programs that are denied to men as well as a host of other privileges that men are not able to access. These are just a few examples.

So whenever feminists attempt to force the idea on us that women are oppressed, it is always some personal and SOCIAL bias against women and never a LEGAL or systemic issue. But then …we ALL face personal, social bias. And in fact, if we move away from gender and into other things, such as height, weight, social status, physical appearance, financial status, religious adherence, physical ability and intellectual ability for example, then we can see that social bias is even more pronounced against other individuals as opposed to just women.

Of course, we cannot legislate human bigotry away and this is why we don’t even try. But feminists attempt to claim that the same social bias that everyone else receives is different when it happens to women. Seemingly, feminists cannot tell the difference between legal sexism and social sexism. In fact, they try their hardest to conflate the two to tell us that "sexism against women" is a problem while completely ignoring any sexism, including the much worse LEGAL sexism that occurs against men.

Society doesn't disadvantage women. We have dozens of policies favoring women.