If you really believe a society is weakened by mass immigration and feminism, how long can it reign supreme?

against the likes of those who have neither?

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"If you really believe a society is weakened by mass immigration and feminism, how long can it reign supreme?"

The cohesiveness is quite obviously weakened when there is mass immigration of the type that is being imposed upon Europe right now. There is no cohesiveness in importing millions of men from a different culture that then band together to rape the women of the host country, while the idea of mixing in with the host culture is not even entertained.

This immigration is NOT the type that occurred in the America's and Oceana throughout the last century. This new immigration is being imposed purposely in order to diffuse any cohesiveness so that a world order, or any program can carry on unmolested by any strong cohesive culture that is proud of it's stance in the world.

Listen to this EU minister telling Europeans that there will be no more nation states. He says this with some type of authority .... basically that Europe shall be a one world order. By by WHICH authority is he speaking? He is so certain of himself. But he never informs WHY his plan is needed, and by WHOM this is being imposed.
"Europe must accept Diversity or face War"

Recently, we have seen another secretly untold program going on right now in the US smuggling in mass amounts of Somalian men only, of fighting age. None of this can be found on the Establishment mainstream media, indicating that these programs are at the behest of the Establishment for their good, and not for the good of the people.

Immigration usually helps most countries and not treating women like doormats is also helpful. Educated mothers makes for better educated and informed children. I think you need to educate yourself - did you even finish high school?

Femiism is a special interest group who wish to tax and control society and mass imigration of skilless radical islamists will certainly tax and drain societies. If you want a barometer of how a society will prosper just look where the immigrants come from.

Nothing reigns supreme forever and it's only delusional people who think that their nation should be the exception to that rule and desperately tries to retain such power or finds something other than history repeating itself to blame for their fall. It's better to be part of a nation that goes with and changes with the flow of the wannabe nations that seek to reign supreme. Let them and their populations fight, squabble and whine among each other like cats and dogs, which is the real reason why nations fall. They're split, instead of united, just like a couple who fight, squabble and whine in their relationships with each other.

@Asker: It doesn't surprise me that you're a practitioner of logical fallacies and use the guilt by association fallacy to make your conclusions that I'm, supposedly, a prominent anti-feminist. I'm neither anti-feminist nor feminist, but you and many others continue to place me in one or the other position due to bias based on poor analytical skills.

If you really believe a society is weakened by those things, you're incorrect. So it can and will reign supreme for as long as it retains those ideals.