If I met a girl, would she care that my family is full of low class-redneck??

I\'m a first generation college student from the south that got into a great university and I'm starting med school next year. I honestly think If I met a girl I would never let her meet my family. I am nothing like them and they are quintessential rednecks. Our house is a mess, our yard is a mess, and my mom has hoarding tendencies. I love them, but they don\'t care about their appearance or keeping things looking nice. There is a lot of crap in the yard, trash, old junk cars etc. If I were to get serious with a girl what are the chances that she would care what they are like, if I\'m noting like them?

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For some people their S.O.'s family matters. For others it doesn't. Or it might depend on how much she likes you.

lol. if you're worried about that then don't get a girlfriend as long as you haven't yet bought a decent house, focus on your study since you are a poor guy. your girlfriend might distract you from you studying and you might fail to get good grades. always remember this: always prioritize your career/study if you are poor. you can get many girls once you have a highpaying job, a car and a house

It doesn't matter where you come from. Your family are still people who
deserve respect. If she loves you their opinions wouldn't bother her. She'll want your family to like her. You have to put all these thoughts out of your head. So long as your folks don't say anything hurtful ( and why would they do that if they want you to be happy?), then I'm sure it'll be fine. Nobody can keep a really tidy house and garden for long ( and if they do, they're probably anal retentives). Don't worry about it.

If she liked you, no.

Btw, your family sounds a lot like mine.

I'm betting she is flat chested and big butted. You sound tasteless.