Are women more attracted to well-endowed men?

Are women more attractec to men because they have heard that they have a big peice? Maybe they have heard it from a friend or whoever. Does this make a difference? How small does it have to be to be considered a deal breaker?

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LOL - I have NEVER heard women brag about the size of an ex-lover tool - that is the last thing she is going to talk about - it's not even discussed. It's usually men who are obsessed with size and sometimes brag and women don't believe them usually if they do - they just sound like creeps doing that so how would women even know men are well-endowed? If a man shows a woman his "endowment" before she is attracted, it will scare her away likely.

Maybe.. but i dont think there is a deal breaker thing. I can promise you that most men that are married or in long term relationships arent packing monsters.
On to something else, look ..Iam average about 6inches most days and can stretch to 7inches on some very horny days , but i get compliments that my thing is big that i can use it well or i got "that good dck" or they tell me they like my penis.

No. Most women think penises are ugly. Anyway, a rich old man who's hung like a chipmunk has an inate advantage over a stud who's hung like a horse.

In todays world yes, It used to be taboo to speak of such things but now it's very normal and healthy for a woman to search out men to make them feel good sexually. This will hopefully breed out the small hung males. And I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

Yea they like big slongs