Why do some women think men they want should approach them?

In response to a question on men approaching women.

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Because its a traditional female privilege they desperately want to hold onto, to sit back and let men take all the risks and do all the work when courting. What they dont seem to grasp is when feminism took they mantle for all women, equality is chipped away at male AND female chivilry. These old customs are traditional. Men should not be EXPECTED to tackle 100% of modern pursueing because, equality. No less than a man should expect a woman to drop her career and stay home the moment they are attached. As i said women hold all dating privilege and refuse to embrace equality when dating is concerned. However men as a whole in the west have already been burned by feminist harassment and affirmative consent type policies that basically demonise male pursuer, female pursuee behaviors. It appears internet dating has moved beyond this area of lagging equality to tge detriment of women and has forced the hand of some women to "click" their rightful 50% role of pursuer.

It's an old custom. Only prostitutes or desperate women would approach a man directly.

Women do NOT want men approaching them....unless he is of some utility / service , women do not care about the man , the person , she coldly views him as a mere utility , female affection is reserved for other women , most women see men as beneath them.

Because they want them to take the lead