Is there such a thing as male brain and female brain?

Is there any physiological difference between a male brain and a female brain?.I ask this because i heard that transgender people have the brain of the opposite sex they are born as.

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Yes , they are VERY differently wired , some very clear differences !!

Most of the claims about differences between the two are pseudoscience.
There's certainly a difference in an average man's brain and an average woman's brain, but there haven't been any significant findings about any genetic differences.
As for transgenders, it's certainly not true that they were born with a brain of the other sex, they may prefer being treated as the opposite sex but that is 100% nurture and 0% nature. Because nature doesn't decide how people are treated by the society.

Im not sure about the transgender claim, but as far as male and female go for labels there is a difference such as that woman are generally better with color, arts and such. My brother has a master in psy and he said there is a clear difference in the brains. Males for example are better at logical thinking and are overall less emotional, hence why men can fight and make up while woman who are quite emotional would rather talk behind eachothers back and keep grudges

A chromosome test can check.