Im Depressed?

Im not really depressed sorry for click baiting you but i really do feel horrible Im 14 years old pretty young and my home life is good, my parents and i have a good relation ship, i have a good social life too, i have lots of friends and a few good close ones too but despite all of this i still feel horrible, i have been questioning my life and every thing i thought, i dont believe in a god but i dont think it matters, i dont see how even if there was a god how he would give reason to life, after all the inward questioning and outward questioning i see know meaning or value to anything, my own happiness others happiness and my own life, im not gonna kill my self just in case there is value but i just want to feel whole

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So are you depressed or not?

funny... tha tactually is depresion. god si testing us to care purely about everyone love god and love good people who are when its hard. depresion.. if its ur kind doesnt care hwo good ur life is it will mes it ll up anywyas. . it dont care if ur suposed to be having fun. if u ned a bro il chat with u bud

I went through a bit of an existential crisis when I was your age, too, and ended up being an atheist. That was more than 20 years ago, still an atheist. It's not something negative, just a conclusion I came to that was consistent with my world view.

Ultimately, as far as the whole of time and the vastness of the universe is concerned, humanity is barely a blip on the radar. But that doesn't mean life isn't meaningful. Your life is meaningful TO YOU and those who care about you, and who you choose to care about. It's precious simply because it's so temporary, and something you only get to experience once. What meaning your life has is largely up to you to determine.

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