Why People prefer DARK AND MOSTRERS INSTEAD OF beautiful things? It's time to return to the purity?

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Someone said, and I agree, that we find it much easier to imagine Hell than to imagine Heaven. Maybe that has something to do with it.

What I don't like about popular culture, the music business, is when it only looks down, wallows in visions of evil. I respect artists who have looked both ways. The world isn't just purity, but it isn't just depravity either.

Pretty songs from notorious groups - the Doors, the Rolling Stones, and the Velvet Underground




All things are beautiful. Why do people demonized half the universe?

Mostrers ate my neighbors Kitty

I feel like dark creatures are a way for people to express their feelings. If you are angry or deppressed, it may be a way to let out the anger; make you feel you are not alone. When you look at fairies for example, it may make you feel worse as if its a reminder that you are not pure like a beautiful creature anymore.