Will I go into labor at 39 weeks?

Hello! I'm 20 years old with my first(boy)! I'm 5'2 142ibs(I heard that's a factor to determine whether you'll go into labor early). I'm 38 weeks and 4 days right now. I was wondering what chances I have of going into labor in the next few days? I'm just so anxious about meeting my little one and honestly the back pain is killing me as well as the random cramps. I've heard about a lot of women who don't go into labor until 42 weeks and that honestly scares me! I also know with first time pregnancies, you're more likely to go into labor after your due date. Opinions? And also suggestions on how to go into labor early that have worked for you?

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lol hang tight mama!
I'm a mother of two boys and one on the way.
with both previous pregnancies I went into labor at 38 weeks, I am hoping I do with this one too!
there is no definite way to determine when you will go int labor but look out for signs like increased Braxton hicks, bloody show, loss of mucus plug, feeling him "drop".

something that I think helped my boys come out was I was exra active the day before they came. I spent the day out all day on my feet and moving around. hope this helps!
best of luck!

There is no way you can "make yourself" go into labor early and you shouldn't even try. Labor will begin on is own when the baby is ready to be born, and not before.

How many "weeks" along a woman is at best only an estimate based on the size of the baby, its development, and the date of your last menstrual period. There is no way of pin-pointing how many "weeks" pregnant you really are or when your "due date" actually is. How many "weeks" along the doctor estimates you to be could easily be off by 2 weeks.

If you want to think of 38 weeks as months, then actually right now you are in your 9th month of pregnancy, and your labor could begin on its own at any time.


Your weight age and height have absolutely nothing to do with it. Small
The fact that it's your first doesn't either. Baby will come when ready, and that's all that matters.

First baby due date
Second baby due date
Third baby 39+3
Fourth baby 42+2

All natural no induction.

Your height, weight, and age are all irrelevant. You will go into labour, when baby is ready. Do not try to induce yourself early. If baby is not ready, you may cause irreparable harm.

No one knows when you're going to go into labour, it's when the baby is ready. My first baby was born only 1 day overdue. Hang in there and enjoy these last few days of "freedom" Go to the spa, sleep until noon, get a haircut...because you won't have this time to yourself again until your kid(s) are adults.