Sex twice in ovulation day pulled out both times . chances of getting pregnant ?

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u r prolly prego :// lol that or u has lou gehrigs disease now. good luck m8

So you tried to conceive and did everything to make that happen. Your chances are very high that you succeeded. If you were not hoping to conceive, you failed miserably. Pulling out is not a contraceptive method. It's just messy, and results in surprise pregnancies - because again, it's not contraception.


If you knew you were ovulating, then why did you have sex without using birth control? Are you TRYING to get pregnant?

"Pulling out" is NOT a method of birth control. It is practically almost impossible for a man to pull competely out before he begins ejaculating; and all it's going to take is ONE sperm cell to get you pregnant - especially if you are ovulating at the time.

Don't count on the pull out method--lots of women have gotten pregnant that way. So if it was otherwise completely unprotected, I'd suggest buying a pregnancy test or using Plan B.

If you don't get pregnant you can always try again next month most using this method are pregnant in 3-6 months.