Are these boys names too "out there"?

There are a few names I like for a boy but am on the fence as to if they are too unique/different. Here they are: 1. Winslow 2. Finn 3. Allistair 4. Quinn 5. Asa 6. Ezra 7. Atticus 8. Holden 9. Blaine 10. Jasper No mean answers please! Thanks in advance :)

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They are all nice names! The ones that I would shortlist personally would be:

I like Finn, Ezra , Asa and Blaine

Not really. Finn and Ezra are nice

love #2,6 and 8

No good. I like Kevin and Mean.

Winslow- 5/10, not my taste.
Finn- 7/10, very cute!
Allistair- 3/10, too strange.
Quinn- 6/10, I like it better for a girl.
Asa- 3/10, sounds made up.
Ezra- 8/10, love it, but I think it's better as a middle name.
Atticus- 8/10, same as Ezra, but it reminds me of Atticus Finch.
Holden- 6/10, not a huge fan, but it reminds me of Holden Caulfield.
Blaine- 5/10, a bit odd.
Jasper- 6/10, it's okay, but not my taste.