Opinions boys name's whatever you decide just curious.?

Through my life these are name's that I had thought about naming if I was to ever have a big. 1.Markus 2.Silas Nathan 3.Caden 4.Cade 5.Aden jacob 6.Nathan Silas 7.Damon 8.Damian 9.jace 10.Jackson 11.jacob

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I like Damon, Jackson and Jacob. Nathan too. But not with Silas. All the others are just weird to me, sorry.

The only one I like is Jacob. Nathan is good but I don't like Silas.

Caden is the only name I don't like. The rest are good & fine though

Markus: very nice, handsome. Love this spelling
Silas Nathan : I love both names but Nathan Silas sounds better
Caden : I personally love this name. Cade is a nice nickname
Cade: like as a nickname
Aden Jacob: nice flow, great name
Damon: it's not my style
Damian: it's ok
Nathan Silas: love it. I would use this
Jace: my great nephews name, so I love it
Jackson: I love it
Jacob : love

We have similar taste

Damian and Jacob are nice