Ok So im 16 and me and my boyfriend had sex but it was only for like 3 mins or so bc we didnt have a condom and their wasnt much of pre ***?

Their Was like a little and after i peed right after we had sex. we are both scared that i might become pregnant. Can i?

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A WOMAN peeing right after she has sex does absolutely nothing to prevent pregnancy. Semen is not deposited in your urethra, for gosh sakes! What you need to be asking yourself is: Did he ejaculate (even a tiny amount) while he was inside you?

You had sex for "only 3 minutes"? If he ejaculated while he was inside you, all it would take would be ONE SECOND!

I see you are worrying unnecessarily about "precum". Of course your boyfriend had "precum" on his penis. A male always does. "Precum" is nothing more than the natural lubrication that a male always secretes from the tip of his penis when he is sexually aroused, and over 97% of the time it does NOT contain sperm cells. The gland in the male body that produces "precum" is an entirely different gland than that which produces sperm cells.

Ejaculation fluid is what you need to be concerned with. Ejaculation fluid always contains sperm cells and ejaculation fluid is what gets you pregnant - "precum" ordinarily does not.

Yes you can.

Peeing has nothing to do with it.

Yes you can length of sex does not matter.

r u totally stupid or being a bozo

Why are you scared. Presumably you WANTED to be pregnant, or you would have USED CONTRACEPTION. (If 'we didn't have a condom' that means you DON"T HAVE SEX. What about this is unclear?)