Will a girl get pregnant if you didn t *** inside of her?

Me and my girlfriend were at my house alone, and we didn t have any protection, but she really wanted to do it. We had sex for about 5-7 minutes and I had to stop it because I was scared of getting her pregnant. I had pulled out and finished myself, so I know for sure that I did not come inside of her. Still paranoid about it, I bought her Plan B One-Step, and she took it about an hour after having sex. Is there anything I should be worried about? Because I am still paranoid and worried

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If you have regular sex without birth control, but you pull out, then you typically have a 22% chance of getting pregnant within a year. Plan B reduces your chances of pregnancy by 75%, but that still leaves a 5.5% chance.

If you're going to be having sex, then you need to start using a proper form of birth control.

It's not a safe method if you do not want to become pregnant, there's a small chance, that maybe you didn't wash your... you know... well after masturbating?

If that's not the case there chances of her being pregnant are really small.

You are probably ok since she took plan b. For now, always have protection on you.

Plan B works about 89% of the time, so it does NOT work for about one in nine women. If a couple uses pulling out for a year, about one in four will get pregnant. And frankly, when a woman is really horny and "really wanted to do it" then it's likely that she's ovulating. So, yes, you should worry. You should be paranoid and worried.

Learn from this. Refuse sex if you don't have condoms. Always carry condoms with you when you expect to see her. Stash condoms around your house. And figure out how to avoid putting your penis inside her if she's really horny. Do oral instead.

For the few minutes of pleasure, is all this worry worth it?