Is my cat pregnant or just fat?

She is 7-8 months old and seems she put on a few in the last month hahah. Nothing unusual in her behaviour and we do not overfeed her (but we do like to give her some salami or cheese but not much)

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I am guessing that you are in the UK from your spelling, though TBH that s not relevant except with regard the comments about free/cheap neutering/spaying (which is only offered to those on benefits/retired in the UK). Best advice is to get her down to the vets for an examination though there are things you can look out for, including the cat appearing pot-bellied rather than having gained weight all over, slightly distended and pinker nipples and how much she s eating (is it more than usual?). Vets rarely offer spaying or neutering until the kitten is 6 months of age (or older) (and here I will state that this is how it is in the UK, it s different, I am aware, in other countries), but if you are allowing your cat outside then you should wait until s/he has been spayed or neutered before doing so.

What did you vet say when you took her in for a wellness check prior to spaying.
And stop feeding her junk food.

Since I have misplaced my crystal ball....I have no way of knowing if your cat is just fat or pregnant.

Why has she not been spayed? You must know that cats can become pregnant at a very young age and that it is rather unhealthy for them to have kittens at a young age. As a good pet owner you must care about your cat's health right? You must also know that over a million cats are euthanized every year in the USA because there are no homes for them. Because so many people are irresponsible pet owners that don't fix their pets.

There are many free or low cost spay and neuter programs. Find one in your area and get your cat fixed ASAP. If she is pregnant, well than instead of just paying for HER to get fixed you can add the joy of paying for all her kittens to get fixed as well. Unless of course you like the idea of millions of cats being euthanized and want to add more to the problem.

Not even your vet would try to tell from a photo :/
Get the vet to check her.