My kitten won't let me groom her?

i have a 3 month old chichilla persian cat , and she won't let me groom her! i tried furmiator, a slicker brush, and a normal human brush but she tries to bite and play with the brush. she has got long hair so i have to brush her daily but she is making it a challange.please help :c

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I adopted a 3 year old rescue cat with feather-soft, fur which needs daily combing otherwise it mats very quickly. I was warned that she wasn t keen on being groomed, so I gradually introduced her to the sensation by using a Tangle Teezer brush on her. (Since she liked having her back gently scratched, I figured this kind of brush would feel similar to her and it worked.)

Once she d become used to the Tangle Teezer, I then introduced a fine toothed comb for the shorter hair on her head and a shedding (uneven length teeth) comb for the long hair on her body. Now she actually enjoys being groomed.

It s best to wait until your kitten is in calm mood or tired from play before you try to groom her. Afterwards you can reward her with a food treat or play time, so that she begins to see grooming as an enjoyable experience.

Geezus. Why did you get a Persian without first EDUCATING yourself on how to properly groom one? And what sort of breeder did you go to that didn't bother to show you?

Brushes should NEVER EVER be used on a Persian!

Slicker brushes do NOTHING.

The Furminator will DESTROY your cat's coat.

Human brushes will do nothing to get down to the loose undercoat hairs and will break and rip out the silky top coat hairs.

You need to COMB the coat with a quality steel-toothed comb. This will get out the lose undercoat hairs and leave the topcoat intact.

As a kitten this kitten doesn't have her full coat so grooming daily is way more than she needs. You should comb every few days. When she's an adult then you will have to do it at least every other day.

When the weather gets warmer most Persian's coats think out a bit so you can comb it even less than that. During late Spring and Summer I only have my Persian about once a week but the rest of the year it's every other day.

I do hope you bought this kitten from a registered breeder that tests for PKD? It's a little odd you called it a "Chinchilla Persian" as it would have "Silver Shaded" on its pedigree if it was from a registered breeder.


Lcall an expert

Play with your cat until they get tired and then feed it I find they don't fight as much then. I like the small slicker brush from the Dollar store and their flea comb.