People say the pitbull is the strongest dog their is but.?

Which is stronger a pit bull or a Alaskan Malamute? From what i've heard pit bulls are no match for Alaskan Malamute's because they're to weak.

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pit bulls are built for work and guarding. pure pits are stocky, with strong, wide bones, and easily bulked muscles. malamutes are build for endurance and work, so they are also built to accommodate large muscle growth. they are more streamlined than pits, since they were bred to run, but they are also very large.
pit bulls are not the strongest of all dogs. malamutes and pits are both very strong breeds and any competition might come down to the individual dogs and their training. but there are breeds stronger than either of them.
pits are mostly regarded as so strong because of their reputation as "unpredictable fighting dogs" (even though they were bred as loyal guard dogs). they are often seen as being so strong just because people fear them, and because they are so strong relative to their size.

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In weight pull competitions pit bulls as a breed are very well represented. Per unit weight they can pull more than malamutes. Malamutes are a lot larger and heavier and might at time be able to pull more total weight. But if you adjust it for the weight of the dog, I would think pit bulls do have the edge.

Pit bulls are not the strongest dog. Most of them are just mutts and dont even have the drive. A REAL game-bred one, while not necessarily stronger than a malamute, would have the drive to fight.

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