Dog problem?

I have a daschound about 4 years old weighs, 7pounds. In the morning i notice she was sitting there shaking, so i go to pick her up and she seems kind of like in pain when i did. Didnt make of it thought maybe the coldness like stiffen up her muscles, put her in a blanket she quit shaking she was fine. Shes not over energtic, she'll play when she wants too. We have this other puppy thats about 7months old and shes mixed terrior and dachound (we think), shes about twice her size, so when they play they can get alittle rough I took the little dachound a bath, she did act alittle strange but she never liked baths, so yet again didnt make much of it. After i gave her a warm blanket and she stayed there the whole day, which wasnt too odd, but im not sure how much she ate, dranked or went to the bathroom that day. At night she was shaking, and wet so i believe she went outside to use the bathroom, i put her on my bed lay her on a heating pad and i start to feel around on her gently and then she kind of whined when i touched her lower, right side back area toward her stomach. I did it twice and the second time she growled, so i knew she was in some kind of pain. I dont really have the money to afford a vet bill. Do you think she got hit hard cause my dogs play rough, is it her organs/insides thats bothering her? How worried should i be? What can i do? Home remedies or medication i can give her? I know she ate some treats that i gave her though when she was on my bed. Thanks

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I'd suggest what's going on is beyond 'home remedies' and certainly no home medication should ever be given without a vet being involved. Dachsies are prone to disc problems although her reaction to another area would suggest this isn't what's going on.

See your vet - the longer you just leave this, the worse it may well get, and the cost more too!!

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unfortunately, you will need to see a vet.
i'm all for treating minor illnesses and injuries at home, but your dog seems to be in a lot of pain and if there is a specific spot that is painful for her, it could be serious.
it could be organ infection/inflammation, or a symptom of something even more serious.
vet is the only thing to do.
i don't think getting bumped around while playing would be enough to hurt her for more than day like this.
until you see the vet, keep an eye on her. how she acts, how she looks, how often she goes potty and what both her pee and poop look. the more information you can give the vet, the better they can help your dog, and also (hopefully) cut back on expensive unnecessary tests if they can narrow down the possible cause from the symptoms and looking at her.

Incredibly obvious that this dog's in pain and needs the vet. Nobody here's going to tell you different. You CHOSE to have this dog, that means you now live up to your responsibility and provide vet care!

Have you ever noticed how short and thin a Dachshund's coat is? They get cold very easily. Cold dogs shiver. Left shivering too long, they can become very ill. Your dog needs a coat or sweater. Never leave it wet or cold. There are zero vets on Yahoo Ansers. No one here can tell you what is wrong or what to do. I'm sorry that you can't afford a vet.