Anyone have experience adopting an FIV+ cat?

We have one FIV- cat already and will soon be picking up our FIV+ cat tomorrow. The little guy has already lost his teeth. He s healthy otherwise. The adoption center says to treat him like any normal cat--that he s not going to need anything special. However, is there anything we should do for him to make sure he continues to stay healthy and happy? And anyone have any experience with FIV+ kitties? Thanks!

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Thank You so much for being a special person.
The only thing I would suggest is to add some probiotics to the food like l-lysine
Best of luck

If you have an FIV- cat why is the shelter allowing you to adopt an FIV+ one?

You are stupid

You shouldn't have an FIV- cat and a FIV+ cat together. The FIV- cat will quickly become an FIV+ cat. The disease is spread through saliva and cats will eat from each other's food dishes, drink from each other's water dishes or groom eachother. You are endangering the health and life of your other cat.