My cats eyes are different?

Her eyes get huge when she's mad. We think she'll legitimately crazy. Her eyes look like facets. She doesn't have normal slits in her eyes. What is it?

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You're very confused. When a cat gets excited the pupils dilate. Eyes are never "normal slits" they fluctuate due to light and mood and sometimes also from medications.

WHY is this cat getting mad, though? Are you teasing it?

A cat's eyes are usually portrayed as having that slits, but they don't have to have that eye phase at all times. The size of the iris depends on the amount of light and emotion. They can be any size at any time. Your cat isn't crazy.

ALL cats' eyes get huge when they are about to attack. In bright light, the pupils get small and slit-like. In less light, the pupils enlarge. People's pupils do this, too, getting larger in low light and smaller in bright light.. Haven't you noticed? But they don't get big when we are angry.

Your cat is retarded