What are some new kitten essentials?

I'm adopting a kitten tomorrow from the animal shelter. I've had many cats before, but since this will be my first pet as a college student, I'm not all sure what to get. I know a food and water bowl, litter box, scooper, liner, food (wet/dry), a carrier (for traveling back home), toys..... Is that all I would essentially need?

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Get a stuffed toy and soft bed, just in case. It may to snuggle up to something that's not you just at that moment, so give it an alternative. Also, something to scratch on, like a little post or something.

I would also highly recommend a second trash can with closing lid for the dirty litter, but just a suggestion. Another suggestion, if you can swing it, would be a cat tree, but you can wait until it's older. It needs something to climb and scratch and these are wonderful for kittens that have energy to burn :)

A bed would be nice, also a scratching post. Most importantly a trip to the vet so she can get her shots and get checked out for worms, and get spayed or neutered if old enough. While you're there you should get a monthly flea treatment like Frontline or Advantage too.


So far so goodm bed cat tree scratching post