What to do if you want to take your dog to the vet?

My dog been acting different he won't eat he don't play like he use to and he just bites and I told my mom that I think the dog is sick but she said no he's not ands then I told her that maybe the grape he ate is killing him and she got mad and said no he's fine I told her I want to take him for a check up to make sure and she started to yell st me saying that the dog isn't and that if I have money then I pay for the dog and I was ok and said I'm not taking the dog to the vet and that's it. I know he's sick but my mom won't take him and I don't know what to do I don't want him to die but my mom don't want to help I need help plz what can I do

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Call zhumsne zsociety or animal control. Tell them your dig is sick your mother refuses to ttake him to the vet.
They will come out pick him up and take tonthe vet for trestment.

● "What to do if you want to take your dog to the vet?"

I ring my vet, make an appointment.
About 15 minutes before the appointment I put my dog in my ute (well-side utility truck), get in, drive to the clinic, then take my dog into the waiting room. When the vet has finished what I wanted done, I pay the bill then take my GSD home.

I can decide & DO those things because I am an adult and have a vehicle, a driver's licence, and a bank account.

Obviously you are a minor, have no vehicle, no driver's licence, no bank account.
So you have only 1 or 2 options.

😊#1: Convince your mother that your pet is sick (actually, while you are a minor, legally it is your PARENT's pet).
What you have written does not convince ME that your pet is sick, so I can understand why your mother refuses your request. Keep observing. Record each symptom that YOU think indicates illness, record the time you noticed it. It will probably help you realise that "Mother knows best". But If your record convinces your mother that YOU were right, your notes might help the vet make his/her diagnosis.

😟#2: Convince a charity such as the Human Society or the SPCA that your pet is sick. If they have an officer available they will send someone to check your pet. If they decide that your pet IS sick your mother will be told to take the pet to a vet - or they will ask your mother to give them permission to take the pooch (being a minor, you cannot give them that permission - - cheer up, although being an adult has advantages, it also has disadvantages... almost all of which are EXPENSIVE!).

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Show your mom this. Mom, you should never have gotten a dog if you're too broke to afford medical care. The dog is obviously sick, and you can be charged with animal neglect if you don't take him to the vet. So, take him, and have the vet board him until you can pay vet and boarding fees.

one grape will not hurt your dog ........ stop freaking out on your mom and go play with your x box