Why can't Trump realise that there is a bias against him because he is a grade A tit & not because of any conspiracy?

'Donald Trump Blasts ‘Totally Biased’ ‘SNL’ On Twitter For 3rd Time' http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dona...

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To be fair to Donald Trump, it's very hard for anyone to be introspective like that and realize that they're a bad person, or at least acting in a bad way.

In Trump's case it's probably harder because he almost certainly has some type of narcissistic personality disorder. And his psychological problems are only enhanced by the fact that he's lived an incredibly sheltered life. He grew up with a father who told him he was great his entire life. He inherited an already successful business as a pretty young man and has been ensconced in that world for pretty much his entire life. Think about it, he's the top dog in the Trump Organization so hes surrounded all day by people who do nothing but kiss his *** and tell him how wonderful he is. If anyone pisses him off he can just fire them and never have to deal with them aggain. So he's predisposed to think he's awesome and he almost never encounters anyone who challenges that assumption, because pretty much everyone he deals with on a daily basis is a subordinate whose job depends on keeping him happy.

why can't libs realize the same of Hitlery?

Anyone with just the basic amount of common sense knows that the more you react to people poking fun at you, the more they will do it!!!

Trump had better grow a broader pair of shoulders before he takes office, because if he thinks SNL is being unfair to him, then how in gods name will he cope when he is hit with the real thing, not comic ridicule, but personal nastiness, the like of which he hurled at Obama!!!

Get used to it Trump, you are now a public servant whether you like it or not!!!

he tries to put his spin on everything

He doesn't get it. He never has. Whether he's refusing to pay contractors who worked for him, insulting women or bragging about sexually assaulting them, whether he is kissing our enemies while undermining our allies, he just doesn't get it. His latest two screw-ups, where he has a business relationship with Taiwan and sent his representative there in September or claiming initially to save 2000 jobs in his VP's state when in fact he "saved" about 500, costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars, have Americans wondering when the Republican and Democrat grown-ups will ask him to step aside before he causes a war. God help us all.

And you believe anything you see in the Huffington post? They are laughed at even by liberal media like CNN and MSNBC because they distort everything they "report" and if they can't find facts, they invent them as they go! When asked to verify facts, they either ignore the request, (because it is made up by them "facts" and they know it) or they refer people to SNOPES. (also proven to be verifiers of anything the liberals pay them to verify!)

Trump has no problem with anything done "in good taste' as all previous presidents (except Obama) agreed to, but out and out character assassination is pushing the boundaries against anyone too far. Not only should the office of president be treated with some semblance of dignity, but there are laws which could be used by anyone against some of the things he is simply refuting. I think that he is showing some real restraint, considering he could sue (and would win easily) and get some of the shows on which people have made their outrageously insulting comments shut down because it was costing the network too much in legal penalties, or close down some publication sites.

I especially like all the naysayers in the you tube video posted by "Justin Thyme". Surprise surprise! Who's laughing now?

Libtards are called Libtards for a reason.