Why do people volounteer for the army?

I really can't see why anyone woukd do that.

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The armed forces exist to protect the integrity of countries and the lives of people.

College support, job opportunities, specialised jobs, patriotism, want to make a difference, don't know what else to do and myriad of other reasons.

I did it because at the time there weren't many other jobs going and I had been unemployed for a few months.

Some people, like one of my good friends, dream of helping the country is some way. They feel like they should contribute to the country. Give back to the country.

It's OK, Snowflake. You don't have to understand. You can go back to your coloring books.

They get tons of benefits from the government. They are patriotic. They get discounts from various places. They get revered for being brave.

they have great toys to play with

Nothing else to do.

First of all war is stupid
Why would someone Risk their own life for a silly political agenda

There will always be losers in the world.

And your activity is secret so we have no idea where you are coming from. That makes it difficult to intelligently answer your question.

At the present time, only about 20% of the population is Smart enough, Healthy enough, Fit enough, and Moral enough to qualify for enlistment. I presume you are in the other 80% and probably would not understand.

Everyone has their own reason.

Why do you do, whatever it is that you do?